3kW Iboost+ Immersion Controller

The 3kW Iboost+ Immersion Controller is the second generation of the Iboost family.

The Iboost is a smart power diverter or also called as a immersion heat controller, which its wireless sensors measure the amount of Surplus energy generation made by your Solar PV and or by your Wind Turbine, and divert it into your water tank, through the Element.

This allows you to have free hot water from solar pv surplus from March till August for almost free.

The Solar Iboost+, also allows you to set four schedule on the winter period and four schedule on the summer period, which allows you, to have hot water even the day was doll or was cloudy.

The Solar Iboost+ is compatible with the Iboost Buddy, which is a wireless display unit, showing actual savings made, earned since the unit was installed.
It’s well designed, therefore you will love the Ibuddy in your Kitchen, Home Office or in your Sitting room.

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