Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced CCA (With TAP)

The Tigo Cloud Connect Advance (CCA) is one of the smallest communication data logger on the Renewable Market.
The Tigo Cloud Connect allows you to monitor each Tigo PV Optimiser on the Module Level.

Similar to the Solaredge Power Optimisers, Tigo allows you to monitor, view, troubleshoot any PV Panel related issues including performance drops, as well in addition the Tigo CCA kit comes with a built in Rapid Shutdown function.
This means, whenever the Grid failt, the Tigo Power Optimiser shut down immediatelly the whole PV Array.

The Tigo Cloud CCA can be programmed from an Android or IOS Device (Apple).

The Tigo Cloud CCA commes with an RS-485 port software and hardware foor robust third party compatibility, such as the SMA Inverters.

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